Meth Babies 2 Interview w/ Skier Trash Fog McKee

Skier Trash Fog McKee
Interview by Bob Lilly (Skier Trash® Co-Founder)


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Skier Trash's Fog McKee. Photo: Jeff Cray

Who/what is Hot Possie?
Hot Possie is a group of old delinquents who decided it would be a good idea to film some skiing and drinking back in 2010. For some reason, we have been doing the same thing every season since. For MB2 we had (Dr./wizard)Jon Hartman, Speedy Peter, and Jeff Cray the esteemed filmer. There is also a general rotation of others delinquents who have and continue to make up the Possie.

Only took two yrs since the original Meth Babies edit came out, now that MB2 has dropped hows that feel?
We feel even older and even hungrier. Too bad arthritis is kicking in.


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Photo Courtesy of Meth Babies 2.

What the hell took so long? Is this your only edit for 2015/16?
MB2 may have been our seminal masterpiece for the year, but we also made our annual Ruby Hill edit, along with some occasional 15 seconds of Fuckery... we like to keep people guessing and waiting.

Booze, tits, Tom fuckin' Wallisch. Old guys trying to ski park...Standard issue for a MB edit?
In no particular order, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Consistency is key to any high production video cut.


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Photo Courtesy of Meth Babies 2.

Looks like you got alot more shot in MB2 from the first one, whys that?
Our editing skills improved, so we were was able to superimpose more locations via our green screen. Illusion is key to any high production video cut.

Favorite shot? Hardest trick?
All of the shots involving trash piles and dumpsters were super fun to get, plus there was always a chance of getting a little tetanus so that made it pretty invigorating. Hardest trick was definitely the upper rail to drop to lower rail up in Boulder, that one kicked our ass.


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Photo Courtesy of Meth Babies 2.

Is there still room out there for the old guys?
As long as you are willing to put in some work, there is always going to be room.

Your still part of the filming/editing process?
I am; still grab the camera when Jeff Cray is too drunk, and chop up some video on the back end.


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Photo Courtesy of Meth Babies 2.

Think more edits will sway towards the MB style of things or keep staying over-pro'd out?
I think there is a shift and general appreciation for the more rough cut, skate style inspired edits in skiing, at the moment. That type of cut just makes skiing more fun to watch and is more attainable for the average kid looking to get out and film. It's an overplayed saying, but skiing is really just supposed to be fun.

MB1 made it onto Level 1's extra's for (vid???) how'd that come about? We gonna see MB2 on this yrs Level 1?
We got MB1 in as a bonus on level 1 two years ago, probably involving a money laundering scheme. MB2 was going to slide in as an extra this year, but Jon was on his way to drop it off with Level 1 on a thumb drive, got distracted by a bottle whiskey, passed out in the gutter, and missed the deadline.


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Photo Courtesy of Meth Babies 2.


Any run ins with the law filming in town?
I started wearing my Skier Trash camo hat, so I blended in with the backdrop at most locations, got away without any run ins this year.

What are you stoked on right now?
I am currently stoked that the temps in the mountains are hitting the freezing point and snow is coming. I am going to try and push harder on the streets this year and try to make a come back into the backcountry this season. Theme of this year will be "gettin' work done"

Click for full sizePhoto Courtesy of Meth Babies 2.

We gonna we a MB3 in 2017?
Nah, probably going to be a video a bit more like Mad Max mixed with Fantasia . The title will probably be decided over some booze in a dark alley this year.

Shout outs? Wise words to the kids of Denver and beyond?
Big shout outs to the Possie for always getting on the push, big ups to the wife for putting up with me, and canned beer for being easily crushable. Get out and Shred!


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